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Originally Posted by khushboo View Post
hi dracula....
m in the same boat as u r...i also gave step 1 on 30th n wondering when the result will come.....
i felt exactly same after the exam....."confused"
well i felt like around 40 to 50% of Qs were twisted n of unseen graphs...
was scoring in 80s in uworld with uwsa 1 score 254 and uwsa 2 score 265.....
did all nbme offline with 94% correct in both nbme 6 and was confident before the exam....but but but while giving exam i felt like m just applying my logic in answering Qs....i dint find FA much useful...there was nothing that directly came from FA...ya but kaplan's concepts helped me lot in answering....
now just hoping for best....
Phew!!!!!!!I'm so relieved to hear that iam not alone khusboo...anyways lets pray that we get our predicted scores atleast, if not a 2-3 point deviation at the max...and what about our result date???can anyone in this forum help us out???
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