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Originally Posted by PneuX View Post
Sure, mine was quite simple:

Preparation: 3,5 months full-time

Book: First Aid
Work through once or twice first.
QBanks: USMLE World, Kaplan QBank
USMLE World: Whole bank once, marked questions a second time, question I answered wrong three times
Kaplan QBank: Same thing.
While doing the QBanks: Make notes in FA whatever is new or you didn't know in the QBanks. Paralelly repeat FA.

Kaplan QBank test exams Nr. 1 three weeks prior, Nr. 2 one week prior to exam
NBME: Only Nr. 15 2 days prior.

I know of two people who did it the same way, scores 261 and 265, apparently the very most important thing are the question banks(practice, practice, practice! - and yes, there are many things that are not in FA, but you will encounter them in the qbanks), forget about getting a whole arsenal of books. I read one experience here of a guy who did nothing but the question banks, didnt even touch a book once, score: 269.
appreciate your input.. thanks buddy
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