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Originally Posted by nathanlukew View Post
Well, congratulations on the fantastic score nonetheless!

The possibilities of you getting a spot into a residency program depend a lot on which specialty you are aiming for, however most of them ask for the national average or above (which turns out to be 227). That being said, the most competitive specialties such as IM, Surgery and sometimes FM and Pediatrics have average scores around 245-255.

Look, it's already done. Focus on getting nice scores on CK and S3, and passing CS in the 1st attempt. Good LoR will certainly help. But it's a nice score the one you got there.
Thank you for your reply nathanlukew, I'm actually aiming towards IM, I hope that mean isn't gonna affect me : (

PneuX. Thanks so much for this it gave me hope : )

MomMD88, I know exactly what you're going through, it seems that we have acceptable scores but the disappointment is depriving us from the sense of accomplishment (((

I honestly wanted to prove something with a high score, I wanted to accomplish something and make myself proud, I'm Syrian and have went through hell lately but I guess I will have to kill step 2 and pass CS first attempt this month, I have 3 months of rotations and have done research with one publication so I hope that will help me.
Thank you all for your support you are wonderful : )
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