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Originally Posted by hapten-sb-35 View Post
hay tamta
sorry for late exam experience was like i got 3 blocks hard and rest 5 blocks were u have any experience like that?and my badluck that i was so sleepy in the hard blocks,and having hard time focusing.
nbme 2 =231
nbme 6=237
nbme 4=237
uw asss=257(15 days before)
hope for the best

al li remember was rushing 4 blocks with drug adds others and generally whole exam seems same to me. i was not sleepy. but caught myself in making simplest mistake in last block but corrected it until locking question.
i dont know what to say.
unfortunately this is very unpredictable not like step 1.
and yes this was harder exam then step 1 with regards to content.
I should get at least 230 that is all i hope for..
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