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Originally Posted by kk57 View Post
I am struggling with bio stats? Any advice? My exam is in feb. I have already spent so much time trying to understand confidence interval and stuff but I haven't really seen a difference. I am at that point where I think I should just learn the answers ?

Also, the actual exam would you say the questions were harder than the ones on the NBME. I find NBME harder but world comparatively easy.
Hey.. all i can say we r kinda in same boat...

Biostats is like a phobia for me too.. not that i hve mastered it. but i wat i do is i keep repaeting n solving questions like everyday five to ten , so that i get familiar with the tactics, n hve made a not of all the formulas needed den revising dem everyday .. thats how i do my biostats... still doin them... m hopin that GOD will help

good luck
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