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Default Failed CS

Originally Posted by dr.amir.yosef View Post
one advice: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND ... AGAIN ... PRACTICE as much cases as you can with your study partner
try more than one study partner, preferably someone who alread passed the test.
good luck
Thanks Amir ,
Here are the issues :
I practiced on line with partner for 4-5 hrs every week for 3 months , did all FA cases , UW cases , watched many videos , did the PN times and times again .
My feeling is that the nerves were so tight in the exam day that I made mistakes in the first few cases.. I did not figure out the right Dx and probably not the DDX ... to re bounce with confidence for the last cases .. a kind of weird ... no issues with time management .. did not take any courses prior to the exam .. probably I have to do it this time around .. step 2 CK few years ago .. may be this is the main issue ... so puzzled , I do not blame anybody except myself .. shame on me again and again ...need to know if there are some on line courses as I work and no time to travel..
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