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Originally Posted by JJtheMD View Post
I made a mistake, i thought my thinking was wrong lol, its D.. vasospasm is very very rare for GERD..

But when you look @ metaplasia of esophagus,, 5-15% of patients have symptoms of GERD... plus i failed 2 notice that this has been occuring for 8 months, meaning its chronic and very likely of metaplasia lol... The trick is the period of symptoms.

Hope 2 god i didn't get this q on the exam hahaha. I think this q is in the kaplan q bank as well lol.. always remember, first guess are the best answers lol..
Man.. you are smart and funny too. I agree with you, for qn #2 clues for the answer are patients age and duration of symptoms. As you mention, chronic GERD may lead to metaplasia of the esophagial epithelium. I will go with your choice D)
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