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Originally Posted by diagnostic View Post
Hello again everyone,
As I mentioned in my step 1 experience, I'm not good with writing but still am gonna give it a try. I know everyone wants to score high and even I did but I don't really think people who score high are people who read a lot of books or did many Q-banks. Step 2 CK is anyways not much about knowledge, but more about the actual practice of medicine. So if I have any advice to give to you all it is "Please read every question as a different one and don't try to jump to the answer thinking you solved a similar question in U-world or Kaplan or anywhere"
If you do that you'll be good to go for the exam.

Now my experience:
I started studying in April after my step 1 results as I was hoping to take it in July. I had plans of taking CS in June. But things didn't work out the way I wanted and I wasted my May and June mourning,partying and getting my way out of the frustration. I started studying seriously in July. I also joined a job so that I don't feel like a totally useless person. But the job took its toll on me and slowed down my studies.

I read Kaplans Medicine thoroughly and annotated whatever was extra in MTB-2. I tried to mug up as much as I can in the first go itself. Took me a month but it was worth it. Completed everything else the same way in another month and a half. So I read Kaplan and MTB-2. For Gynae I read KLN only. Then I started UW and revising MTB-2. Sometimes I read a few things from First Aid for Step 1 as well like Glycogen storage diseases, Ethics, Epidemio etc. If you have time, do go through FA for Step 1. FA for step 2 CK is a nice revision book but isn't like that for step 1.

So along with UW (random, timed) I kept revising MTB-2. After completing UW and MTB revision, I took NBME 4 and it came 246. All I wanted was a score 240+ so I was confident now. My UW average was 81%.

Then I started my final phase. My final phase was pretty much like the one for my step 1. Reading anything I can, solving any question I get!!
I definitely read MTB-2 one more time and solved the entire UW again. Also, I read a lot of stuffs not in entirety but just random pages which interested me. FA for Step 2 CK isn't as bad as people say and go through it if you can!

Try to maintain a disciplined life like 10-15 days before exam! Eat well, sleep good. And do enjoy at time! I had diwali during my final phase and also Thor-2 released in my final phase itself. So I gave myself two days break but kept going the other days with full dedication.

Exam day: I reached center in time and started the test. It was really hot in there or maybe the questions were tough I completed my first block in 57 min. Barely revised my marked questions. And then I took a break. I freaked out. The questions were lengthy and time seemed less. But then I had a red bull, chocolates, water, washed my face etc etc and prayed to God for a 250+ score! Other blocks went pretty well. Drug ads did take time but I found it doable. I had 5-10 min left after every block. So test is really doable.

I think I have written everything. At least I have tried. If still someone has any query, I would be glad to answer.

All the best everyone!
Congratz...Diagnostic you are amazing...and motivating too

I am trying to have my step2ck in 3 months. Materials that I have are Kaplan videos & notes, MTB 2&3 ... I am now thinking of subscribing for uworld for 3 months to do it subject wise ... will it Help ? Hoping for a reply...
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