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Originally Posted by alwaysconfused View Post
I did an elective recently and my attending agreed on giving me an LoR...she asked me whether i want to waive my right to see the letter or not....she said that she has served in the selection committee for many residency programs and if u don't waive your right your application is red tagged....I am not applying fr match this year i will do so next I won't have a AAMC ID till next what should I ask her to do? can u b sure that the attending will give u a nice letter...n will my asking her not to waive after she has advised me to waive upset her?
I don't think your application will be "RED TAGGED" if you don't waive your rights. I know many many applicants who did not waive their rights and absolutely got no problem and were matched in excellent places.
The other point, it's not recommended to have an LoR which is more than one year old (you said you won't use the letter this year). It's recommended to have fresh LoRs when you apply in ERAS.
I suggest you tell her that you can't waive the rights because you don't have an AAMC ID this way she can't be upset with you.
By the way, FYI, the AAMC ID is not mandatory to be written in the LoR, but just tell her so in order you see what she will write and so that if you don't like it you don't use it
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