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Originally Posted by heights View Post
Good to know about the button appearance, I didn't know that and don't remember seeing a picture like that. I kinda thought it wasn't retinopathy because I associate that with retinal blood vessels (like in diabetic retinopathy)...but I don't understand retinopathy that well.

Note that E is normal pressure hydrocephalus, which is a disease of the elderly (Goljan said his mother has it). It relates to overproduction of CSF so you get dilated ventricles and loss of frontal lobe tissue leading to dementia, which Goljan's mom also has. You can put in a shunt to drain the excess fluid, but in his mom's case they didn't do it because it was too risky, and the pressure eventually normalizes anyway.

(I wish I could remember the important stuff he says the way I remember his little stories )
nice one...

E) Normal pressure hydrocephalus

Thanks guys for your answers.

It was in my exam and the ans is E) Normal pressure hydrocephalus. They haven't give me the complete history. Just few words about the patient and the picture.

This is a picture of a papilledema due to increase ICP

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