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Originally Posted by apx85 View Post
Just found this:

"Impaired absorption of CSF is the suspected mechanism in most cases of secondary normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). The most common identified underlying causes are intraventricular and/or subarachnoid hemorrhage (either from aneurysm or trauma) and prior acute or ongoing chronic meningitis (from infection, cancer, or inflammatory disease). Paget disease at the skull base, mucopolysaccharidosis of the meninges, and achondroplasia are other rarely reported causes of NPH"
yes you are absolutely right. This qn is basically testing your knowledge of what causing or what is Papilledema.

Papilledema is caused by too much CSF accumulate in the ventricles and optic nerve sheath. As the optic nerve sheath is continuous with the subarachnoid space of the brain (and is regarded as an extension of the central nervous system), increased intracranial pressure is transmitted through to the optic nerve. This will cause optic disc swelling.
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