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Originally Posted by drpisho View Post
i think for ANY of the top residencies you still need step2ck score and cs first pass to get an idea to see where you stand, try to nail step2 ck and i think that will increase your possibilities, and also you need USCE but im sure you already know that.

its a good score congrats.
i have couple of qs, what was your approach last 2 weeks??
what % of the test could be answered solely on FA + UWORLD??
where the questions more twisted that nbme 16?? how did you find it compared to that form?

thanks in advance, and good luck on your next steps.
Originally Posted by faith255 View Post
hey congrats..
can u plz tell in the real exam how many ques were there that u marked & had no clue about? also do u have any idea approx. how many u had gotten wrong?
thanks..& Good Luck with CK..
here's how I lived for last 2 weeks:

wake up at 7:15 am
have breakfast before 7:30 and rest for 30 minutes
start studying at 8:00am doing 3 blocks random mode(2 without breaks than 10 minute break and last one) go over every single question I marked or answered wrongly with FA) Eat something at 1:00 continue studies at 2:00 this time I am doing one of the topic from FA, usually the one I think I have troubles with. sometimes I manage to do 2 topics that day. I have 10 minute breaks after every 50 minutes. from 6:00 to 8:00 eating family time etc. and than from 8:00 till 10:00 FA again, or maybe UW questions from the blocks I did earlier that morning

the exam was the worst experience in my life, I wish I had managed my anxiety better, that day is so clouded in my mind that I can hardly remember more than 5 questions so really my judgment is solely based on the feeling I had after the exam and it was bad. So I can't really tell you what's the comparison between NBME and the actual exam. I remember that I would mark 15 or more, and had that constant feeling that I was answering wrongly, and that feeling that every single question had that twisted idea I couldn't get, even those questions I was sure about.

drpisho what do you mean in % of the test could be answered solely on FA + UWORLD
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