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Originally Posted by miss patho View Post
best luck 4 u
thanks for sharing
i want to ask u did u do uw q bank and if u do what was ur score was it time random mode?????? u write a lot biostatistics q how many do u mean ??????
my exam is in 23 may i am doing in 2nd week uw (timed random )and my score between (50 or 52 or 56) i am doing only one block per day &explanation reading and taking notes took from me a lot of time so what do u advise me? should i delay my exam??????
Yes, I've finished UW in random timed mode (cumulative was 68%). The important point with UW is to learn from it. Scores do not mean much. With one block a day, I think you need around 2 months to finish the bank. Check how many questions you have left, and do the math. After you're finished with UW, take an NBME (preferably form 4, the latest) to estimate your score. Then if you don't like the score, you may want to delay the exam.

Of course biostatisitcs questions weren't as many as OBGYNE or Peds, but I noticed the questions were either psychiatry or biostatistics, and almost no ethics. I expected more ethics like "what would your response be?" type of questions, but there were almost none. That's why I felt there were more biostatistics. May be it's just my exam!
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