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Default Which USMLE Step 1 Kaplan Lecture Notes Books to Avoid?

I am looking to start Step 1 prep soon. I will aim to use only one book per area, with as many KLN as possible as I find them easy to revise from. I will be aiming for a 90+ score and honestly I don't think I can be one of these people who score extremely highly and certainly will not be able to have the same number of hours per day I can study for as many people due to various external circumstances. So I guess please choose the books that give the best mix of High Yield stuff.

What I am trying to find out is, which areas can I use KLN, and which areas the KLN are not so good, so I should use a different book.

So, if you guys would be so kind, I would like you to choose which KLN books that are NOT the best book to use for Step 1 revision, and if you choose an area to NOT use Kaplan in.

And remember, I will in some cases not be looking to study every little minutiae of detail in every area, I am not going for a high 99 or anything like that (wouldn't be able to achieve even if I tried), so I'm looking to learn all the high yield stuff extremely well.

Many many thanks for the help.
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