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I have recently just enrolled at Future-Doc Enterprise, in Chicago for an externship in General Surgery and it is much more than I expected it to be. I have heard a lot before about externships being an experience where you follow around a doctor like you are their shadow. However, this is nothing like that, thankfully!

I spend my days at the hospital getting to actively see and talk to patients and their families. I find so useful because as an IMG, because I wanted to make sure that I am as effective in developing a good rapport here in the USA like I did during my training. Also, the doctor I am paired with personally asks and takes into consideration my thoughts about course of treatment and management for the patients we encounter. I prefer this so much more than just being told what to do. This experience really allows me to have a more concrete view of what life will be like later on and the decisions we will need to make, and not just being spoon feed. In addition, I have assisted in cases and procedures that I havenít encountered before which has made me enjoy this opportunity even more.

I truly think this is a great experience for anyone who likes to have a more hands on experience and a good transition to develop the skills needed to work here, like working with electronic records, interacting with the staff and being more acquainted with the hospital life.

High recommend that you get in touch with Future-Doc Enterprise too if you are looking for a similar experience also.
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