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I think the best way to go is read the FA cs book. It has all the usual cases plus its put as a check list which makes it easier to follow and find your mistakes.
Try to get hold of a month's worth of USCS prior to your exam date but really close to it. Make sure u mention u want to get the most out of your rotation so as to help you with your test. This way the drill is fresh in your head and it becomes second nature on the test day. But you have to follow the exact format with every patient so you get into the habit and it becomes your personality not a role you play for a day. That way you are confident and comfortable.

I did that with my doc and he grilled me but it was all worth it as i took a weeks off after the rotation to soak up my FA book and went in. He would give me exactly 1o mins with each patient. This is very less compared to the time allotted to you on the test day but you know you have those extra few mins should you have a difficult case or one with multiple issues you need to address.
It felt like any other day at the clinics, of course there was that annoying voice reminding you of the time, but it wasn't intimidating.

Another important thing is writing patient notes. Time yourself use to your disposal so you find you comfortable typing format with characters to spare. Ultimately even if you get the history down it wont help if you forget to mention key points on your PN.
As soon as your out of the room type in ur PE cz this is what you DONT have written down and will forget unless you regurgitate it soon. You could then move to your History od DD whatever you find conmfortable.

I told a bunch of my juniors to do the same and they passed too!
Its worth a shot.

Good luck
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