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Default Very low score in Step 1, please advice

Today I got my step 1 (final exam), which is only 204, I did very well in the exam, better than CK, I prepared it well, I though I would get at least 235+, I'm so frustrated, so sad, I cried a lot.
I know recheck is almost worth nothing, but I went for it.

Step 2 CK : 235
CS: Pass 1st time.
YOG: 2011
US citizen
I have strong 4 US-LoRs from Internal Medicine, 3 months USCE, 10 month non-USCE.

I was fully prepared to apply for IM this match, now everything is changed.
IM is my dream.

I'm applying this match.
Please sincere advice.
What do you suggest for me to do?
Should I apply a lot IM and few FM, or few IM and a lot FM?
Do you know anyone got matched with 200s in one Step?

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