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Prep time : 3 months

Background : average IMG student from an average community medical school;
( Not among the top 100 colleges in India)

Materials? Books? Kaplan lecture notes ? Did not use any of them

I ONLY DID QUESTIONS.. I FOLLOWED THE ADVICE OF Phloston(SDN), maryjane87, Dr.Pollux (Jason Chang), Obecalp and i recommend the same, please do questions alone for ck,, ck is more of an analytical exam.. please throw Harrisons, CMDT ,Cecil..they are not needed for this exam, only will waste your time

(its just like a marathon training, where you have to build endurance..just like running,, do questions)

1st month : did IM questions from medscape board review, MKSAP for students 5, MKSAP 15- average ~mid 60s
(i dont recommend MKSAP 15- not for USMLE, its for ABIM)

2nd month: I did Kaplan qbank (average~75%) and read MTB2 and MTB3
contrary to want others say, i always liked Kaplan qbank, even for step1. It prepares you for all those WTF questions. And i felt it easier than MKSAP 15 (obviously)

i highly recommend Kaplan for their simulation tests (9 hrs exam)
SIM1 -mid 70s
diagnostic test- 83%

last month : i did UW random, tutor, untimed.. i did all the qbanks in untimed, tutor mode, becasue i just want to learn from them, and not test myself.

I felt UW was relatively easy after doing Kaplan and MKSAP.. average ~mid 80s, completed it in 20 days,a must do ,since every usmle exam taker does UW.

before the exam i did UW incorrects and marked, read MTBs for the second time quickly, and read secrets one day before the exam..

I did not take NBMEs ,because i did not want an assessment to tell me whether i can take the exam. I just wanted to get done. a low score in nbme would have only made me more anxious

UWSA one week before : 265
Fred 150 (ONE DAY POST EXAM) : 93%

That's all folks, if an average medical student from an average medical school can do it, anyone can. Just have to prepare efficiently and use the correct resources.

DO's: do many questions, please dont do UW more than 2-3 times, surely wont help you. try different questions, keep UW at the end.
Uworld>Kaplan>Usmle rx = usmle consult

DONT's:1) dont waste time doing UW 3 times, 4 times ,5 times
dont waste time reading text books for ck,
2)use only one good review book(MTBs) or FA for CK
3)take the test soon, plan your preparation
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