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Cool USMLE Step 2 CS Experience in Philly!

I am an IMG, and it's funny because it is just now that i read that Philly is not good for IMG's, and Im like, oh shoot, i just took the CS at philly. Anyway, there's nothing i can do about that now huh.

To tell you honestly, i did so much better during practice w/ a doctor friend, perhaps the nerves, but i tried to be calm and do what i had to. I had so many mistakes, here and there both in the encounter and the PN. Wasn't able to close in two cases (knocked on to get out), didn't do a complete neuro exam on most cases, I don't even know if the abd PE i did was acceptable, shook hands w/ gloves on in 1 case (bummer), I forgot to ask many important questions here and there. And MORE, i swear. I AM SO NERVOUS. And as the day goes by, I remember a lot of potential mistakes that can take on my grade. So I am hoping to pass.. I really am, despite the thought of "IMG's not good in Philly", I thought the staff was great though, real friendly and comfortable to work with, even the SP's, I don't think I've encountered cold patients, although there were 2 cases that I didn't really know what was it about. So I hope it's true that the what Center to take CS doesn't matter anymore, besides I took it there because I have family near there, so that's saves me accommodation beyond anything else.

My mind seems to be afloat thinking of how I did on that day. I am not so sure right now. I prepared for 20 days more or less, used FA, saw CSEvideo, but only checked the video part for PE, and practiced for about 6 days. I had a terrible jet lag when I arrived here at the US, so I had to deal with it 6 days before the test. I am really hoping for a PASS, a miracle.
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