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Originally Posted by iron View Post
hey congrats
that's a great score for all the hard work u did for last 1 year ,i m too studying for 2nd time , did medicine ,now doing paed , but i m finding paed insufficient to explain few things n i having problem understanding immune diseases , cardio should i go back to step 1 book to clarify it ?or any other option ?for medicine cardio ,is the video really helpful or can we skip it as i m'not planing to see videos at all..
my exam is in sept 1 week ,in case if i m 'not scoring good in practice test(nbme ,uwsa),I m planing to shift the date ,but i m worried then i won't be able to apply for this yr match as it ll be too late ,oct end or nov. till i m ecfmg certified ,can u suggest me what i should be doing ?
Well..about Paeds,,u r right..immune diseases can be confusing and yet it is a very imp topic coz even i had few questions in exam from it..its a good idea to go back to step1 book to review these topics to clarify concepts,,doing this ,along with UW mcqs for paeds and medicine should solve your problem..same goes for cardio.honestly,i felt the same difficulty and i even heard the paeds cardio lectures(only for cardio) along with UW mcqs this will also help u.
About medicine cardio lectures i suggested..i see that u have still quite sometime left in ur exam,i would urge you to listen to these,reason is that cardio is a very high yield topic and u need to be comfortable with questions from wont take u more than few hours to listen to the tape,taking few hours out isnt much and trust me its worth it..same goes for OBGYN lectures,listening to lectures is easy and comfortable once u have given a read to text,i believe u have already done,my advice,,listen to these..
and yes u most likely wont be able to apply for match this year coz it will be quite late..but hey,better apply next year with good scores than apply this year with mere passing..makes sense??,i hope i helped u :-)
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