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Originally Posted by theunique View Post
okie...i will be honest with u..ur UWSA score...NOT GOOD..i hope u completed ur UW Qbank after that..did u??.....well..pulling out 60% or 70% in UW q bank is not an issue,main thing is that u got the info they were trying to give u in mcqs and can use it in real exam..Last four weeks ideally should be only a quick revision of kaplan notes,so that all information gets fresh in ur mind..i suggest u do that..m sure u must have taken notes from ur q bank reading..revise those notes too..In the first 2 weeks get rid of paeds,surgery and psychiatry..Reserve last two weeks for OBGYN and medicine (m saying this coz OBGYN things are more of cramming nature,can be forgotten easily),make sure u revise IM complete
i know its a lot to ask for,u can modify it according to ur needs,as only u know the best about ur prep..don freak out,keep ur head right and just give it ur best..thats all that is needed..i wish u best of luck
thanks alot man..>Yes i have finished all my uWorld and took enough notes...basically now i am reading MTB internal med a section a day and revising notes while retaking uworld...i am hoping this cements all that knowledge in my brain...Thanks again and Goodluck in your residency....
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