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I would recommend to take NBME with feedback to learn the areas where you are weak. Also, use your score report to assess it and start reviewing the areas you were weak on exam. Do Qs every day, even if it means another subscription to UW or Kaplan, re-read FA to the point you know what's on the page when you turn it, as many times as needed. Check your progress with other NBMEs and UWSA, but keep in mind that there is a standard deviation of 100 in NBME (I don't which sd UWSA has) and take that into account as well. Certainly, don't give up, but rather use that experience to build a stronger knowledge. Maybe start thinking how you are going to explain it to program directors.

I would strongly discourage you to retake your exam within a month or so. Instead, despite depressing mood, start reviewing everything again within a month or so. Take the exam only when you are OK with your knowledge and NBME score(not mid90s, but a 3-digit, that doesn't scares you and REPEATS itself on the next form). NEVER do it offline!

Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing your experience, I believe that we all benefited from that!
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