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Uworld Average: Late 60s - Early 70s (%)
NBME 6: Late 230's --- 5 weeks prior
NBME 7: Early 220's --- 3 weeks prior
UWSA: Late 230's --- 2 weeks prior
NBME4: Mid 240's ---- 12 days prior

USMLE Step 2 CK Score: 249

I had been obsessed with this thread and the general idea that my assessments will magically predict my score. They DO NOT for everyone.

UWSA supposedly the most accurate predictor for CK under predicted mine by more than 10 points.

Bottom-line - Trust your preparation. Give the assessments to get a feel of the exam and search for ways to improve your test-taking skills. You will improve and can do so with each passing day. Good Luck.
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