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UWORLD 1 time random-timed: 67% average

NBME 6 about 2 months out when I was done 30% of UWORLD just for the hell of it - 208

NBME 4 1 week out - 246
UWSA 4 days out - 244

I made some pretty dumb mistakes. I have always been a great test taker but I don't know what it is about these board exam questions.

Real Score - 235

My exam I felt was ridiculously hard. Psych has always been easy as pie for me (like I'm sure for everyone), but they were arguably the toughest questions on my exam. I have never seen the cases they presented with before, completely stumped me.

Hardest part about the exam was definately the time, I had to rush the last few questions on at least 3 blocks and might have only had time to review my block answers twice.

One big key is that they will use 'different words', for example instead of uveitis they will use iritis which is a type of anterior uveitis. Or stereotactic biopsy of the breast, never in all my study prep did I come across that word (I used MTB+some Secrets+UWORLD). Don't let it stump you, if it looks likely to be it even though the word isn't exactly what you recognize, its probably it.

Anyways I feel terrible, did not expect such a low score at all. I know my knowledge is 250+ level (always been a straight A student and stuff), I am just not good at these tests.

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