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Default By the way

As said before, one letter of recommendation is better than 0 letters of recommendation.

I also have a 10 line letter, actually it's more like 6, and it's 10 if you include the Dr's address. Consider that a blessing (and its only 1, not all of your LoRs).

He kept it simple and to be quite frankly, it's okay with me. Think of the Program Directors, with ~ 2,000 applicants all ready and we are not even passed mid September, 3-4 LoR each per applicant, each being about one page, a program director would have to read 6,000 to 8,000 pages just to cover Letters of Recommendation alone ever year for every match process! That's like the 2 tomes of Harrison's I.M! And that is not even including Personal Statements, emails, etc. They probably welcome short & precise LoR's and P.S from time to time.

In my opinion, the true purpose of a LoR is simply for legal purposes.
For example, A new St. Example's University Surgery Program resident is operating on a patient, and all of a sudden an unexplained psychosis installs within him and he voluntarily removes his mask and spits into the sterile surgical field, rips the patients IV's off and then proceeds to stab the Attending surgeon in the arm with the patient's needle.

Legally, St. Example's University is not liable for such a situation and under court if litigated against, they can apologize to the patient and his/her family as well as the attending and say something along the lines of, "But Dr. X, Dr. Y and Dr. Z all vouched for this individual as a good residency candidate, his psychosis was unexplained and is definitely not our fault".

Originally Posted by Cocochanel View Post
A doctor wrote me an LoR but its like 10 lines, but he did recommend me, I did observership... is it ok???

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