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Dah, I'd say (for me) Biochemistry (w. David Seastone) and Pharmacology (Raymon) were the ONLY useful vids. I spend all the summer making myself watching Physio (Kudrath W. likes to tell same jokes over and over and his "Mr.Jones" stories were really annoying), than Pathology (Barone - handsome guy, nice voice... but not enough info). And my overall test performance was around 50-60%...
It is time consuming and not very productive.
I decided to start reading on my own and that works the best for me.

I liked the idea of videos, because I have lazy personality and at the back of the mind I was always looking for the magical formula to take the test or for someone to make all the job for me. Lectures matched this imaginary picture perfectly... Some teacher explaining all the concepts to you... reading for you...()

At the end of the day you should go through the material on your own. My days are very short since I have to work, so I do not want to spend time on someone reading and skipping essential concepts for me.
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