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Originally Posted by bebix View Post
Preparation time = 1.5 months
(I took Step 1 in mid Sept and CS in early Nov)
Exam date Dec 29th

- Kaplan videos (all except for surgery and Emergency Medicine) = I watched them once
- MTB for Step 2 CK read it once
- Kaplan LN for IM, Dermatology and ObGyn

UW (timed unused random) = 79% one time
Kaplan Step 2 Qbank (completed less than 20%...only surgery/Psychiatry/EM) 72%

USWA = 260 (10 days before my exam)
NBME 4 = 570/246 (2 days before my exam)

I had 5 blocks - 44 qs each and 3 blocks - 42 qs each.
The question stems were pretty long!A lot of orthopedics, psychiatry and biostatistics.

Well, good luck to all and happy new year!
THis is not so quickly, he lie, because only KLN reading take around 1.5 month, one time video 1 month, UW subscription at least for 1 month MTB one read at least 15 days
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