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Originally Posted by tariqkaseda View Post
"Acute subdural hematoma Following an acute SDH, coma is present from the time of injury in approximately 50 percent of cases. However, approximately 12 to 38 percent of patients have a transient "lucid interval" after the acute injury that is followed by a progressive neurologic decline to coma [2,10]. Posterior fossa SDH, like most space-occupying lesions in this location, presents with symptoms of elevated intracranial pressure including headache, vomiting, anisocoria, dysphagia, cranial nerve palsies, nuchal rigidity, and ataxia."

UpToDate 2011

So, i am with a sub-dural hematoma (i.e B. Laceration of cerebral bridging vein)

I searched in the website. It should be an NBME question:
look at the following link:

I think the correct answer is B. Because
1) I did not find any lucid interval in the patient history.
2) The symptoms happens 18 hours after the fall.
3) CT suggests extra-axial hemorrhage, indicating either epi- or sub-dural hemorrhage.

Any other comment on this question would be appreciated.
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