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Guys, I am not a student.. I have passed long ago in 2003, and after a lot of change of mind, I have finally took the step 1. I don't know if I would be of much help to you, cause I am not even familiar with the current curriculum of undergraduate courses. But here are some tips from my past experience with our education system and recent one with the step 1 exam -

1. Understanding the concept is number 1 priority, memorization is 2. This means read the mechanisms as much as you can. Must know all basics of pathology, pathogenesis, mode of action, pathways etc.

2. They will give you clinical set ups (vignettes) before asking the question. For those who have already passed MBBS and has some experience, the diagnosis is very easy, they actually give away the diagnosis. If you have just passed 1st prof, try to get familiar with the classic features of common diseases. They almost always use classic clues.

3. Kaplan is good once you already know the subject. But if you think you need a better platform to start with, read important chapters from Ganong (specially all the charts and figures, they love them) and Lippincott's biochem.

4. Get familiar with CT, MRI, Xrays, ECG and heart sounds.

5. Don't bother much about ethics. Kaplan + 150 cases. Most probably you will have to guess most of these questions.

6. Use the net for recent info. Whenever you think you need more info about a particular disease or condition or whatever, go through your books and also look up in the net. (I really shouldn't advise you guys about the net !!!)

7. Read the same thing over and over, again and again, instead of trying to memorize it.

8. MOST IMP: Solve questions... this will help you memorize, understand concepts and help you develop your own way of learning. Basically study the Kaplan books + Goljan once and then start solving as many questions as you can and plan your prep accordingly.

Good luck
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