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I was in your situation last year. My med school also participates in this portal. So ECFMG will send them an electronic copy of your diploma, your school will verify it electronically via the portal and upload your transcript. That's it. End of story. No post required. It makes everything much faster and simpler. ECFMG will not contact you. They will contact your school to do all this. Since it is a busy time right now, they may be swamped with such processes. Still, you should remain in regular contact with your school to make sure your credential request is not sitting unopened in their portal inbox (or whatever it's called).

I sent my diploma in mid July and got my ECFMG certificate on 2nd September. It took so long only because my med school was lazy in verifying my diploma and uploading my transcript. That's why your should keep reminding them!!

Good luck!
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