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Default Avoid this mistake on the USMLE!

Many students have fallen short of scoring well on the USMLE board exam because of some simple mistakes that could have been avoided.
it is paramount that student use the right resources to study to be efficient when preparing for the board exam. Here are some recommendations.

1. Buy First aid for the USMLE step 1 from day one of medical school- you will need it anyway.
2. Purchase Usmleworld or any question bank at least a year or 6 months during your second year.
3. Start with questions only and refer to first aid to understand how the concepts are tested.
4. Dont read first aid as a book
5. Use pathoma for pathology review
6. listen to goljan audio
7. Do not take the test unless you have been scoring above 230 on the NBME questions
8. if you need help reviewing the concepts using high yield USMLE video lectures that simplify your learning, use SMASHUSMLE program. Thousands of students have used our program and did well, average USMLE score 238.
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