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Originally Posted by quacky.mcquacky View Post

Taking a course may or may not be a good idea. You have to remember that you still have to do most of the work on your own.
Have you done a question bank yet? Or are you just starting to prepare?
First aid should be your best friend. Reading it once, twice won't help. You have to learn and understand the stuff that's written there. You may want to start on your own. If you need help with understanding things in FA, DIT might be a way to go. They practically paraphrase the whole book to you. If you use their program correctly, your score should go up.
The bottom line is. No program in the world will guarantee you that you will succeed (i.e. get your dream score) on this test. That's because they don't drill a hole in your head and pour all the information in.
I don't know about Beckers review, so I cannot give you any feedback on that. But the advantage of these programs is that there are plenty of students just like you and it should motivate you to study hard. Maybe you need this peer pressure, maybe not. You have to decide.
Other then that, FA+UW+Pathoma+/-DIT, if used correctly, will get you to 230+ score also. (And it will not cost 6000)
I have done Uworld 3X, Pathoma 2X, First Aid 2X. I have not done DIT.
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