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Originally Posted by doc Mm View Post
Wishing you all the best for your score!

Could you please help me out here... I am studying for the CK for the past 2 weeks and have done Surgery, ObGYN, and Psychiatry so far but only from Uworld (did Trauma section from KLN and used Conrad for ethics). My plan is to do Uworld and use it as a learning tool. I am annotating my MtB-CK heavily with the uworld notes. I plan to do Kaplan Qbank as much as I can accomodate in 15 days (after my first Uworld read). I plan to do Uworld a second time as well. My exam is scheduled for April's first week. Do you think this sounds reasonable to you as you already are done with your CK?

Do you have some suggestions that I can accomodate with this plan? I do plan to watch IM and biostat videos only. How helpful did you think the videos were for you? Did you find KLN a must or will uworld + MTB-CK suffice?

Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions but your reply will be greatly appreciated! :sorry:
Well, I didn't use UW as a "learning tool"...and based on my expirence, I think you should read KLN at least once - my exam was tougher than UW.
Now, about the videos...if you dont have enough time, at least watch ObGyn and Psych....they were very helpful to me!
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