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Originally Posted by HappyMD View Post
Yeah I mean, if you're taking such a long time to study why not use the BEST learning tool twice? You can learn all the concepts from it while you do your reading and make notes on the concepts, then beat those concepts into your head for MONTHS.

Also, with 2000 uworld questions and another 2000 kaplan questions in between, it's VERY VERY unlikely that you'll remember Uworld answers. Especially with a 3-4 month gap in between doing Uworld each time. So you'll have to be able to know the concepts and remember how to apply them.
Right now I am studying "passively" and I still haven't had the chance to get serious, my crappy university is holding me back lol. Whenever I finish a chapter in first aid, I solve some usmlerx questions, I'll have more time to prepare around March and I think your plan makes lots of sense, I think I'll start with UW first then kaplan then uw again.

You are eying August to take the exam, right? I will graduate in August and I am aiming to take it in September/October. Best of luck for both of us!
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