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Step 1 score- 237, December 2014, CS- pass first attempt, June 2015

CK- 258, September 8th, 2015
UWSA- 258, NBME 7- 229, NBME 4- 254

Hey guys I would like to share my experience,

I start preparing for CK at the end of January 2015, after I got my step 1 score, I immediately purchased Uworld subscription for 1 year.
Internal medicine- I used step up to medicine, and was doing USMLE world questions alongside in study mode, not timed.. I was taking notes as I was doing questions
I used kaplan lecture notes for everything else
I got MTB 2 and 3, but to be honest I didn't find it very useful, except for the MTB2 page XVII Authors note- YOUR FINAL STEP, I find this page very encouraging and motivational (I'm 100% serious)
after I finished uworld then I did all wrong questions and then reseted. first time usmle world was 78%, second time 90%, I couldn't finish all questions on second time (500 q left i think)
I also read first aid for CK, and actually find it kind of helpful, I read this after I finished Kaplans, this allowed me to review everything all together in a short period of time, do not spend too much time reading it, just read once.
most helpful was reviewing usmle world notes and doing questions second times. second times I did timed, random mode.
study time- average 6 hours a day during week days, and from morning till night on weekends. I have a full time job.
UWSA 258, July 4th
NBME 7- 229 August 8th, I freaked out!!!!!!!!! lost my sleep and was studying even harder, this NBME is weird one, used it if you are too relaxed and feel like you need a kick to study harder. I was shocked and depressed after I got the score, I had 40 questions wrong.
NBME4- August 24- 254

on the test day- I had 42, 6 blocks 44, and last block 36. I had 1 drug add that had 3 questions, and it was super long, kind of freaked me out. other questions were similar to UWORLD, few questions they were asking I have never heard of, I took the best guess and moved on. most of the questions were average length, some of them were super straight forward, some of them was like WTF is it about, most of them were similar to USMLE world.
my suggestion will be, do questions as you are studying, use usmle world as your main studying material, for step 1 I did questions for 2 months only and now I regret, I think I could have done much better on step 1 if I have started using questions earlier.
exam is doable, If I did it, you can do it too. take lots of dark chocolate and good food, eat good breakfast in the morning and go ahead and do your best!!!!

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!! hope you all match in your top choice residencies, put yourself, your mind, your heart, all of you into it and you will see the joy of victory! do it once and do it right! its a great feeling, I had tears of joy in my eyes when I opened the PDF file this morning... I wish you all of you get these tears when you open your PDF file )
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