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Originally Posted by DrRamos View Post
Just got mine! I would like to just say thank you to all of you that have kept this thread going. I would always frequent the forums and would run into negativity from others. It was not always accurate and it would freak me out for no reason, but I love this thread! It shows so many people that have had similar, successful stories. It helped me to gain confidence. I am so glad to be adding my information to this list today.

The exam: felt tougher than NBME and tougher than UWORLD. The questions on the real thing were a little longer than in UWORLD, but they were similar in style.

UWSA (1 month before exam): 244
NBME 7 (1 month before exam): 231
NBME 6 (2 weeks before exam): 246
NBME 4 (3 days before exam): 237

Took the real exam 9/17/15
CK real deal: 234

Very pleased and would have been pleased to get a 210 to be honest.

Study materials: MTB 2,3 and I did UWORLD questions well reviewed 3 times. Good luck! All is possible with hard work! Do a bunch of questions and do all the NBME's! They helped with endurance. Tip: try to finish NBME and UWORLD blocks with 10-15 minutes to spare so you don't run out of time on the real thing. This helped me.

All praise to the most high. Good luck brothers and sisters!
i took exam on 9/23/2015 : so i should expect my result on 14 or 15th october? 3rd wednesday ? is their a difference like students appearing in usa get results on 3rd wednesday and others get it on 4th wednesday ?

kindly let me know .. coz i have seem someone getting results on 3rd wednesday and some getting it on 4th wednesday
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