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Originally Posted by quacky.mcquacky View Post
Well, I suck at ECG's. So I didn't even try to prepare for that. I guessed, and we'll see. Heart sound were ok for me. But I was prepared that: hearst sounds, CTs, MRIs, histology, ECGs and all other multimedia were out of reach for me, so I didn't freak out about that too much.
But otherwise, I wasn't even close to being sure on cardio questions.
Anyway, for me micro kind of stuck out. I have no idea how many questions there were, but I felt like I got a lot of them wrong.
All in all, I feel like a failure. I don't think I failed the exam, but I don't think the score will be what I'd like it to be.
Yeah same here it's not about failing the exam but I didn't really perform well as in my last nbme before the exam..
Micro was ok for me but cell biology and pelvic anatomy qs were the real issue

Anyway I hope you get good result...
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