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Originally Posted by coelom View Post
They are quite long. And it somewhat reads out the book for you. Is it that useful? Not really...

I use it during dull time. That instead of sleeping, or daydreaming, or mind-wandering... then I'd watch videos. Just to break the monotony.

But if it will really add something to you? Not really. You are better off with Kaplan videos... or probably just read the book yourself.

Thanks for sharing this.
I'm actually using the kaplan HY videos like right now .. but at some point this morning i felt that i needed to pause it and search for opinions .... because i got the feeling that i'm wasting my time, they literally read the book. The only videos that are worthy are the ones done by Dr Conrad cause he adds up some good points
I do agree with u that we might be better off without the videos but i just start my prep this month so i have not that much of experience
I would love to read other opinions too.
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