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Originally Posted by newyork.newyork View Post
dear dr ahmed ,thank you so much it was amazing , i see myself having the same problem , i did nbme 6 and i got a very bad score, i read MTB 2 and 3 and i did UW once, and i see its not enough , i need to read something with more details , oh i forgot i took DIT for step 2 ck , and it was a waste of money ,
now i have some money saved and i was thinking to go to kaplan live prep in new york , what do you think about that ? i still confused to take video online course or go to class ? (i have some believes and i dont use the copy of anything so i need to pay for it ) would you please help me ? videos or online prep ?
In this case I would go for the videos
Where there is a will there is a way
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