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Default Kaplan videos

Physio : May not encompass the whole subject ...but they teach the limited material they present well. Must See
Histology : Covers the subject but not in detail. Maybe because it is not too HY to do so. May skip
Embryology : Fair.
Gross Anatomy :Fair
Neuroanatomy : Good,but practice a lot of Images from HY Neuro or the Net
Molecular Biology : For those whodon'tget the hang of his subject.Must See. Others may pass.
Metabolism : Must See. Raymon is great
Genetics : Read one pass of the book. Answer some Qs then get to the lectures. It helps you clarify concepts. Must See.
Pathology : A Must See subject,but boring lecturers. Please buy another resource like Pathoma to solidify your concepts. If you wanna stay with Kaplan do the old Barone lectures. Sanchez et al. : Skip. Barone: Good
Goljan : Must hear and annotate simultaneously.
Pharmacology : Raymon is the best ever teacher in the whole wide World. the guy teaching General Principles is also very, very good. Must Must Must See.
Immunology : The lectures don't help much despite Dr.Moscatello's best efforts. Read Kaplan Immunology & Immuno portion of Levinson. Skip.
Microbiology : Fair. Lecture Notes on Microbiology are shallow & some other review book (CMMRS is what I prefer) must be added for prep. May Skip. See only if you really want to, I would'nt call it a waste of time. A good attempt by the lecturer but notes are the problem.
Behavioural Science : Must See.
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