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Originally Posted by dr-ahmed View Post
Are you sure you didn't miss any questions by scrolling down the list?
Yes. I'm quite sure.
But anyways, I checked the USMLE site again and it says that the number of questions per block vary but the time allotted will be the same irrespective.

Also apparently scores can vary only between 1 and 300, despite the fact that reporting will be out of 355. Its some scoring system based on percentile so I guess others who tested around the same time had the same kind of pattern.

I was quite wierded out when I realized the last block had only 20 questions. It was really ridiculous. I finished it in like less than half an hour and kept going through the same questions again since I couldn't figure out what to do with the extra time, which I was so in need of in the previous blocks.

Also if you remember, after you reach the last question you have the option to review the list and go back to marked questions. If I missed something, I bet it would have showed.

I was basically just having paranoia because my result is due in less than a week. I was quite sure of myself when I walked out of the exam.

I was just wondering why no one discusses this on the forum. Each person has a diifferent paper, so I guess these kind of variations exist, what was your paper like in terms of number of Qs per block.

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