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Originally Posted by samran.haider View Post
congratulations on your score
thank you for writing this article and sharing your experience.

im about to take NBME4, how much did u score on your NBME4?

iv heard psychiatry is a b*tch on the exam. is there an alternate source that i need to prep from?

also how tough were those abstract question? did u attempt them or left them on a fluke , i know people whov left them to the end made a fluke in the end and still ended up scoring 250+ (yes, im jealous cz those questions are such pain!!! )

were any questions sorta kinda similar to questions on NBME ?
( last one is a stupid question i know but i got a few from NBME on my step 1 a couple months back )

thanks in advance and best of luck
I got 263 in nbme 4 which was actually a whole month before my exam so, I actually underperformed.....but last stages of my preparation was quite messy so i am happy to even get this score and I didn't get any questions from nbme maybe one or two similar but that's it. I don't think you will get any questions from nbme...these forms are pretty old.

Psychiatry is a bitch no doubt about it n esp for Imgs like me because I simply can't learn their hospital ethics just by studying it in books....I was so stressed out from it that in the end that I even tried brs but to no avail....I would say just stick to the will come good in the exam.

About Drug Ad question, I was just happy that I was able to read them and answer in time....those questions are little tricky but you will able to do it if you manage your time well. you just have to read and read it...I don't know whether one should skip them or not because I got 7 of them n I don't think it would be a good idea to skip these is up to you. Thanks.
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