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Cool Usmle step 1 help!! 7 weeks major subjects help?

I wish all of you the best of luck in your conquest to master the step 1. I was wondering what subjects are the most heavily tested in step 1? Also is it possible to pass just by studying Physiology,Pathology,Pharmacology,Biochemistry, Microbiology throughly and doing all the rest of the subjects not as intensively?
I really need help because my step 1 is 7 weeks away and i feel like i know nothing. Right now i am focusing on doing physiology from kaplan with uworld qs in one week. the next week i will be focusing on pathology from pathoma with uworld qs. the following 3 weeks i will do DIT with u world questions. then i will take an nbme and reread the first aid with uworld questions. Any help will be appreciated.
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