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Lungs respiratory pathology

13-year-old boy is brought to the emergency room by ambulance after collapsing while playing at his school.
The teacher states that while playing tag, the boy had difficulty breathing, became tired, and fell to the ground
without losing consciousness. While trying to catch his breath, he made high-pitched inspiratory noises. On
arrival at the hospital, the boy appears lethargic and in moderate respiratory distress, with a respiratory rate of
30 per minute. Physical examination of the chest reveals decreased breath sounds in all lung fields with coarse
rhonchi and wheezes throughout. An arterial blood gas on 50% oxygen is as follows: pH = 7.34 PCO2 = 45 PO2 =
55 Bicarbonate = 14 Which of the following sets of pulmonary function test results would most likely be obtained
in this patient?
A. High FVC, high FEV-1, high TLC
B. High FVC, high FEV-1, low TLC
C. Low FVC, high FEV-1, low TLC
D. Low FVC, low FEV-1, high TLC
E. Low FVC, low FEV-1, low TLC
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