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i felt that watching the videos was more effective after giving the topics a general read. I would read the topics, then watch the topics a day or so later. I would keep my kaplan book open in front of me to write any important info. But because the videos are sort of long, eventually I would finish the subject while reading it, but not be done with the relevant video. However, in VLC player there are options to speed up videos, which I found out when i was almost done with the videos!!

If you haven't watched even a single video, I would advise you not to watch the parts of physiology with conrad fisher, as well as the Immunolgy videos (I didnt like BS either). I did not listen to Microbiology videos either coz there's so much in the book I felt that watching the videos would not be needed. This is what I feel. Plus, Wazir Kudrath, Lionel Raymon and Steven Harris rock!! (also the dude who teaches renal physiology, forgot his name)

I could not watch the vidoes more than 4 hours a day because i would feel like a zombie staring at a computer screen, plus it would get boring too!!!
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