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Originally Posted by patho2012 View Post
Does anyone know how many hours does it take to watch Biochem, Pharm or other subjects normally? I know Kaplan videos totally take 210 hrs to watch, but I don't know the duration of individual subjs? Can anyone gimme some input?
Hi, patho2012! I found this list somewhere a few months back. I think it might be in a thread here somewhere. I can't attest to its accuracy though or tell whether this refers to the old kaplan videos or to the 2010 ones. In my observation, the list seems to give a good approximate of the no. of hours.

Anatomy 24 hrs
Behavioral science 25 hrs
Biohem and Medical Genetics 32 hrs
Immuno 9 hrs
Microbiology 16 hrs
Pathology 26 hrs
Pharmacology 25 hrs
Physiology 34 hrs
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