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: USMLE Step 1 Bits & Pieces

  1. Respiratory system
  2. Bun and cr
  3. How to approach questions?! HELP!
  4. USMLE Rx DISCOUNT code! $139 Q bank 12 mo.
  5. sotalol induced torsades
  6. First aid tution
  7. fructose intolerance
  8. Heart Sounds / Murmurs
  9. Drug antagoism
  10. Cheapest tution for step1
  11. Drug distribution and redistribution
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  14. what are the important mitochondrial enzymes?
  15. Score 252 and materials
  16. Pathology
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  18. Pressure-Volume Loops Videos
  19. LV Pressure-Volume Loops
  20. Transcortical aphasia
  21. Mitral Stenosis - High Yeild Topics For USMLE, 10 Points You Should Know
  22. DSM
  23. blueberry muffing baby
  24. Organ blood supply question
  25. kaplan course in hungary
  26. Histo and Xray! Where please?
  27. ANS/CNS antidotes
  28. Sensitivity vs Specificity of a Lab test
  29. Anyone Tried out picmonic?
  30. Stroke Volume, Compliance, and Pressures
  31. Physiology Review: Journey to Excellence (250+)
  32. High Yield Pathology and Histology Slides
  33. Cell Receptor and Second Messenger Mechanisms PDF Notes
  34. List of Oncogenic Translocations
  35. Neuroanatomy Tract Lesion Collection
  36. Step 1 X-Rays, CTs, MRIs & Histo slides
  37. Klinefelter Syndrome
  38. Acute Hepatitis B Infection (window period)
  39. Difference between Copper and Ceruloplasmin levels in Wilson's and Menke's disease
  40. Breathing Patterns
  41. Hepatitis B Serology; Very High Yield for the exam
  42. Good points about Multiple Myeloma
  43. Autosplenectomy Vs Splenic Sequestration
  44. Important points about PNH
  45. Sequence of formation of multiple sclerosis plagues
  46. Important fundoscopic findings for your exam
  47. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  48. USMLE Strange Names and Concepts!
  49. Review of the Childhood Primary Brain Tumors for your Step 1 Prep
  50. All the Biochemistry Shuttles for your Step 1 Prep!
  51. Immunofluorescence Patterns of Selected Dermatologic Diseases
  52. List of Important Chromosomal Abnormalities
  53. Nephrotic Syndromes Quick Summary and Histomorphology
  54. Nephritic Syndromes Quick Summary and Histomorphology
  55. Aortic and Mitral Valve Stenosis and Regurg Cardiac Cycle, phonogram, and pressure curves
  56. Quick Summary of Nephritic Syndromes
  57. Quick Summary of Nephrotic Syndrome
  58. List of Oral Vaccines
  59. Obstructive Vs Restrictive Lung Disease
  60. Ipsilateral versus Contralateral Neuro Lesions
  61. Ca channel blockers - cheat sheet
  62. Drugs Side Effects
  63. Drugs acting via cGMP
  64. Turcot versus Gardner Syndromes
  65. Anti-Bacterial Drug of Choice
  66. Anti-Helminths Drug of Choice
  67. First Line and alternative Seizure meds
  68. Gross Specimen of the Circle of Willis (fully labelled!)
  69. Trisomies; Down, Patau, and Edwards Picture!
  70. List of Drugs that prolong QT Interval
  71. Chromosomal Disorders List
  72. List of Autosomal Recessive Diseases
  73. Infectious Dose (inoculum) of Important bugs!
  74. Important causes of Amenorrhea for step 1
  75. Cystic hygroma
  76. Rhinophyma
  77. Reactive arthritis or Reiter's syndrome
  78. anti androjen drugs.used at prostate cancer.Leuprolide, Flutamide,Finasteride.
  79. audio lectures or video lectures
  80. ANS PHARMAC:: what is net effect on BP with epinephrine with alpha blocker??
  81. the eye
  82. Antiviral drugs diagram with their mechanism of action
  83. Adrenal Cortex Pathways and Drugs Acting on them
  84. Biochemistry diagram (all metabolic pathways!)
  85. Brain Tumor High Yield Histopathology Images
  86. Progress of Child's Concept of Death
  87. JAK STAT Receptor Pathway
  88. Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia Videos!
  89. Cranial Nerve Reflexes; Afferent and Efferent
  90. High Yield Microbiology Growth Media/Agars for USMLE Step 1
  91. Metabolic alkalosis & Acid-base disturbance
  92. Mechanisms of Action and Resistance of some antibiotics
  93. Coombs test (aka antiglobulin test or AGT)
  94. Ulcerative Colitis vs. Crohn's Disease
  95. some facts about lithium
  96. High Yield X-rays and CT Images List
  97. Vitamin E tidbits
  98. Some Complications of Cirrhosis!!!
  99. Differentiating Alpha from Beta Thalassemias
  100. List of High Yield Images for USMLE Step 1
  101. Platelet Activation Steps
  102. Mechanism of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
  103. How is fever produced in the body and the difference between PGI2 and PGE2
  104. Very Useful Biochemistry Table; Liver, Muscle, Heart, Fat, and Brain Sources of energy in fed state and in starvation
  105. Alcohol: Things to know
  106. Perfusion Limited Versus Diffusion Limited Respiration
  107. Cytoplasmic Versus Mitochondrial Metabolic Processes
  108. Comparison of Left versus Right Shunt Congenital Diseases
  109. AIDS Oppurtunistic Infections List with CD Counts
  110. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) HY Concepts
  111. Hematuria Weeks or Days after infection
  112. Disulfiram Like Reaction (Drugs with Disulfiram like effects)
  113. The "F" drugs
  114. Timing of Gross and Microscopic changes in MI with clinical correlations
  115. List of Drugs having Active Metabolites!
  116. Some Interesting Genetics facts!
  117. A List Of Partial Agonists In Pharmacology!
  118. Important Macrophage Forms In Various Diseases!
  119. Most Common facts about infectious diseases
  120. Most Common facts; Hepato-Biliary!
  121. Most common endocrinology facts!!
  122. Most Common High Yield Cardiology Facts
  123. Trinucleotide Repeats Diseases
  124. left recurrent laryngeal nerve and a hoarse voice
  125. The Bainbridge Reflex Mechanism
  126. Pathologic Versus Innocent Murmurs
  127. Aphasias
  128. Treatment of Pneumocystis Jiroveci and CMV simultaneous medications
  129. Drugs Slowing Down AV conductivity
  130. Opposites- SIADH vs DI drugs
  131. List of Mitochondrial Inherited disorders
  132. List of Y-linked Genetic Diseases
  133. Pyoderma Gangrenosum Associations
  134. Right Sided Versus Left Sided Colonic Cancer
  135. Bleeding Disorders Table
  136. Tourette Syndrome HY Points
  137. X Linked Dominant Diseases
  138. Hormones Groups and Structural Similarities
  139. Aspiration localisation
  140. Third and Fourth Heart Sounds
  141. Non Glucose Reducing Sugars
  142. Aerobes and Anaerobes
  143. List of X linked Recessive disorders
  144. List of Autosomal Dominant Diseases
  145. Amino Acid Derivatives
  146. Phosphate Hormonal Control
  147. neurohormonal changes in heart failure and relation to treatment
  148. Patients' Autonomy.
  149. Antibacterial antibiotics Mechanism of action
  150. 2X2 Statistics / Epidemiology Table (Punnett Square)
  151. Causes of Pellagra (Niacin Vitamin B3 Deficiency)
  152. Husban & Wife in Mental Defense Mechanisms; Some interesting examples
  153. Hormone Receptors
  154. Muscles of Mastication
  155. Radioactive Iodine Uptake in Thyroid diseases
  156. Pemphigus Vulgaris Versus Bullous Pemphigoid
  157. E. coli Virulence factors
  158. Potassium Insulin Relationship
  159. Thiozolidinediones Mechanism of Action
  160. Renal Cysts
  161. External Ear (Auricle) Nerve Supply
  162. Upper Anal Canal Vs Lower Anal Canal
  163. Lumbar Puncture Layers
  164. Differential Cyanosis
  165. Neurotransmitter Levels in Neuropsychiatric Illnesses
  166. Psychiatric Disorders Illnesses Defintions of durations and onset according to DSM IV criteria
  167. G Protein Coupled Receptors Table
  168. Types of Twins and Twinning (Chorion and Amnion)
  169. Diaphragm: Anatomy and Embryology and Openings
  170. Posterior Mediastinum: Vagus nerve, Azygous vein, and Thoracic duct
  171. Triple Test Triple Screen
  172. Thumb Muscles
  173. Ccr5 & cxcr4
  174. Worms Worms Worms
  175. List of Acid Fast microorganisms
  176. All you need to know about Ménétrier Disease
  177. Blood velocity
  178. Pituitary Failure Hormonal Replacement
  179. Why increased cardiac output in anemia!
  180. Blood Brain Blood CSF Barriers Difference
  181. The Neck Triangles
  182. Ansa Cervicalis
  183. Lateral Medullary Vs Lateral Pontine
  184. Spinal Nerve Root number and inter vertebral disc herniation
  185. Femoral Circuflex Arteries
  186. Heme synthesis and porphyria diagram
  187. Vitamin B12 as a cofactor
  188. Upper Limb Fractures and Nerve Injuries
  189. Answering Family Pedigree Questions
  190. Paget Diseases
  191. Palindromes
  192. Renal or Prerenal
  193. Muscles of Respiration
  194. Fanconi Anemia versus Fanconi Syndrome
  195. Intravascular Versus Extravascular Hemolysis
  196. Energy Sources in the excercising muscle
  197. Positive Autoimmune Antibodies and Causes
  198. Diuretics Rules & Exceptions
  199. Penile carcinoma in situ
  200. Empty Sella Syndrome
  201. Hermaphroditism
  202. Brain Herniations
  203. Cardiac Output - Venous Return Curves
  204. Pressure Volume Loops
  205. Venous Pulsations (JVP Waves)
  206. High Altitude Physiology
  207. Weightless Environment
  208. 21 versus 11 beta hydroxylase deficiencies
  209. Hypopituitarism, why hypoglycemia?
  210. Paraneoplastic Syndromes
  211. Nodular Sclerosis
  212. Caroli Disese
  213. Oncogenic Viruses
  214. Neurogenic Bladder
  215. Subdural Epidural
  216. Uncal [Transtentorial] Herniation
  217. Arnold Chiari versus Dandy Walker
  218. Berger & Buerger