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  1. Nbme 13 wtf!
  2. Abortion and Chromosomal Disorder?
  3. Scored 62 in Kaplan qbank diagnostic test
  4. Bitten by a spider
  5. Anyone else scared of NBME
  6. Kaplan Diagnostic test
  7. Exam in 10 days
  8. Mother disease effect on infant?
  9. Jewish Girl Pancytopenia and Splenomegaly
  10. How did this patient get the infection??
  11. NBME 13 discussion
  12. How to stay motivated?
  13. Macrocytic versus Megaloblastic!
  14. NBME 11 discussion
  15. NBME 6 Block 4 Discussion
  16. USMLE Prep is like Frozen Chicken!
  17. NBME 6 Block 3 Discussion
  18. NBME 6 Block 2 discussion
  19. how did you do in behavioral questions?
  20. About Kaplan's course! HELP!
  21. How long u take to prepare for usmle step 1?
  22. Can't remember KLN; Should I revise?
  23. Platelet or factor bleeding?
  24. Goodbye USMLE World
  25. Am not sexually active; do we still run pregnancy test?
  26. Dose needed to achieve steady state?
  27. Difference between rate of elimination and clearance?
  28. 11 days to go, what to do?
  29. Pancreatic Insufficiency & Liposoluble Vitamin Deficiency
  30. RA and synovial fluid analysis
  31. Pretest Anxiety
  32. Mid Life Crisis
  33. Old Grad Looking for Second Attempt
  34. What is day 0 in Embryo Life!
  35. Causes of Infant depression
  36. Bonding between parent and an infant
  37. Which Phobia is Familial?
  38. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) Indications
  39. Child Behavioral Disorder!
  40. Fetal Ciruculation Animation
  41. Arthus reaction Biopsy
  42. First Aid-Based Flashcards pdf
  43. Asymmetric smile and joint swelling
  44. Psoriasis HLA Association
  45. Glucocorticoid Increase Protein Synthesis!
  46. Kaplan MedEssentials Book Information
  47. Leukemias and Lymphomas Cramming!
  48. NBME 12 Block 3
  49. NBME 13 scored 530 (228)
  50. I do not think I want to know this if it is true
  51. Don't tell my parents I need OCP
  52. Practicing Catholic is pregnant!
  53. Brain structures affected by a lateral ventricle papilloma
  54. Confused 45 year old woman
  55. 5 year old with growth failure & headaches
  56. Lymphoma oncogene association!
  57. How to stop reading the questions 2 times?
  58. How to do USMLE World second time?
  59. this made my day.. FirstaAid book of things u need to know
  60. 75% USMLE World Score
  61. NBME 12 Block 3
  62. Positive end expiratory pressure
  63. NBME Form 7 score 380/193
  64. USMLE World QBank alone or get UWSA also!
  65. P50 and hemoglubulin
  66. Stroke patient with abnormal speech, comprehension and repitition
  67. Can I skip Part 1 DIT questions?
  68. Unable to identify what is placed in his hand
  69. Meningioma patient with abnormal behavior
  70. Stroke patient with abnormal speech
  71. Altitudinal Hemianopia (Altidinopia)?
  72. Transplanted heart with no nerves!
  73. The probability that both first and repeated tests are correct?
  74. K06100 Step 1 score 247/86
  75. March 28th, 2012; Step 1 Exam Results Thread
  76. Sharing my thoughts about DIT
  77. Finished Uworld, what next?
  78. Best predictor of melanoma prognosis
  79. Kaplan Biostats
  80. Man hit in the neck during a fight
  81. Patient response to advanced cancer diagnosis?
  82. Second Year Caribbean Student Step 1 Plan
  83. Losing $$, saving hope.
  84. Family cannot reach consensus about the patient!
  85. Renal dialysis for vegatative state patient!
  86. 16-yr-old pregnant doesnt want to tell her parents!
  87. Management of metastatic lung cancer
  88. Did NBME 13 at Midnight
  89. Kaplan Qbank Freaking Gross Anatomy Questions!
  90. Which gifts we can accept?
  91. Patient's Family Cooked a meal for you?
  92. Step 1 Prep after failure
  93. Picks up Carbol Fuchsin Stain
  94. NBME 13. Just did it, reaction (Spoiler)
  95. Exercise and body temperature
  96. Canadian farmer with 15 mm PPD!
  97. Fluctuating USMLE practice Exam Scores
  98. PLAB or USMLE
  99. Brachial cleft derivatives
  100. Family refused to consent; Patient has Organ Donation Card
  101. Who decides for Organ Donation!
  102. Illegal Immigrant with TB
  103. Specificity Sensitivity Question!
  104. type of study? UW QUESTION
  105. Changing Blood Pressure Measurement of recruited study patients!
  106. Where did you get STEP 1 materials?
  107. Is First Aid enough for Genetics?
  108. Gluconeogenesis and Glycogenolysis Glycogen storage diseases
  109. Pregnancy Symptoms!
  110. The highest risk of blood loss during surgery
  111. Preparing the child for hospital experience!
  112. TPN Rash and Loss of hair!
  113. Focus on Step 1 or improve my English
  114. For IMGs; When is better to take the Step 1?
  115. NBME 13: 510, exam in a week
  116. HELP with the answers NBME 13!
  117. My Study Schedule
  118. Calculator in NBME
  119. Biochem question
  120. Woman with 1yr history of UTIs shows microhematuria without RBC casts.
  121. need to apply for another eligibility period
  122. Problem with my eligibility period!
  123. sampling bias n selection bias??!
  124. What drug to prescribe?
  125. Drug increases Intralysosomal PH!
  126. Selection versus Design Bias!
  127. Booking the exam date
  128. Question: Fast food lover, chedt pain.
  129. Reiterís syndrome
  130. Atp production
  131. Feedback to USMLE authorities
  132. New Goljan Audio lectures and Lecture notes
  133. Alpha thalassemia
  134. KAPLAN videos
  135. Bchem
  136. An enzyme in the cytosol
  137. going in to battle on monday....
  138. Uworld Android App finally released!
  139. neuroendocrine tumor
  140. Projection
  141. Kaplan Videos Anonymous
  142. schedule for step 1
  143. what behavioral videos to watch and what to skip
  144. Best book for physiology
  145. Atrophy in conn syndrom
  146. Usmle pass program
  147. Mother with a 2 year old child
  148. Coping with a problem
  149. Sexual responses in a 60 year old male
  150. Most common Fracture ?
  151. Pregnant female with UTI!
  152. Orange Tonsils!
  153. Pharmacology authors wanted
  154. Weird sensation, Hyporeflexia, and Abnormal Urine Test!
  155. Just took my exam yesterday... I hate this state of purgatory
  156. How would you manage this stroke patient!
  157. Patient with MI dies from shock
  158. Teenage boy moved from Brazil to US
  159. Myocardial Infartion with left dominant coronary circulation
  160. Getting ready for the exam
  161. Antinuclear Antibodies Test
  162. Is 212 descent score on Step 1!
  163. USMLE world vs NBME
  164. Treatment of Gouty Arthritis!
  165. Cramps during exercise and red-brown urine
  166. Thumb abduction while measuring blood pressure!
  167. Infant died in India!
  168. Zak-Hindi just out of the exam
  169. Remember very little after 1st read..
  170. NBME form 11 score 400/198
  171. feeling good about urself & FA
  172. Do we need to memorize the vaccine scheduling
  173. To Do's Before Uworld Subscription Ends
  174. wanting encouragement seriously....
  175. Quit his farm job after traumatic limb amputation
  176. Angry student relieved by punching a bag!
  177. Tips for Reading Immunology!
  178. Steven Daughtery has a WEBSITE ?!
  179. if u finished STEP1, plz kindly help us, just write ur scores
  180. Effect of medium dose epinephrine
  181. Hypertensive man with excruciating chest pain
  182. Is there any way I can improve my score in a week?
  183. Repeated infections and no thymic shadow!
  184. Benediktís (Paramedian Midbrain) Syndrome
  185. Midbrain Stroke Syndrome!
  186. Cancer Epidemiology in Women!
  187. Child wants to inject insulin himself!
  188. Facial Colliculus Syndrome
  189. Left sided weakness and tongue deviation!
  190. Preparing for Step 1 in Arab Spring Country!
  191. DIT + FA + UW...enough?
  192. UWSA compared to NBME 12!
  193. Right Sided Weakness and Anesthesia and Lateral Gaze Palsy!
  194. How to memorize the Benzodiazepines
  195. Motor and Cognitive Deterioration in HIV patient!
  196. Seven questions about HIV!
  197. Warfarin Skin Necrosis Concept
  198. Aspirin and Varicella!
  199. Can we use another aplication while using uworld?
  200. Age at toilet training!
  201. Acantholysis, antibodies against desmogleins 1 and 3
  202. Calcified Cartilage with Renal Tubular Acidosis!
  203. Urine PH after McDonlad's Meal!
  204. Phrenic never palsy and tracheal deviation!
  205. Phenytoin and lidocaine mechanism of action
  206. Right Temporal Headache!
  207. Child with meconium ileus
  208. I want to buy Pharmacology Kaplan only
  209. Infants with psychosocial deprivation!
  210. DIT Starters Gather here
  211. Calculating drug maintenance dose!
  212. Preductal Versus Postductal Coarctation of the aorta
  213. Endometrial Cancer Prognosis!
  214. NBME 12 question
  215. Drug effects on the Eyes
  216. advice for the next 3 months
  217. factor Xa inhibitors
  218. Thirst, Headache, and Nausea after Neurosurgery!
  219. Lady feels pain, tingling, weakness and loss of sensation on 1st, 2nd and 3rd digits.
  220. Is the Burkholderia species of bacteria high yield?
  221. Old man with dysuria and frequency!
  222. to anyone with "failed" in their result
  223. Would DIT make up the deficit in FA!
  224. Eye signs after Tennis Match!
  225. Miss Pepita Forehead Lesion!
  226. i dont know how to start of with preparation
  227. Arterial Blood Gas and Electrolytes!
  228. Brain Tumor at the white grey matter junction!
  229. Common clinical feature among three cardiology patients!
  230. Aortic Regurgitation Blood Pressure!
  231. Localize this brain lesion!
  232. Suicidal Patient wants to go home!
  233. Naturally occuring ABO antibodies!
  234. Drug to treat hyperacute kidney rejection!
  235. Which cranial nerve affected first by Pituitary tumor expansion!
  236. Cardiovascular Physiology Calculation!
  237. Antibodies against snRNP
  238. March 21st, 2012; Step 1 Exam Results Thread
  239. Guess the diuretic!
  240. Beta hemolytic bacteria in the blood?
  241. Valsalva does not help his fainting episodes!
  242. Pathophysiologic status of this hyponatremic edema!
  243. Whats the best treatment for this messed up heart?
  244. Vitamin therapy for neonatal jaundice!
  245. Nbme12:3:12
  246. FA Q&A derived from USMLERx!
  247. O-linked glycosylation of proteins
  248. Adrenal crisis in suppressed HPA axis?
  249. Immunoglobulin Marker for Paternity!
  250. DIT lectures