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  1. Don't know how to revise Anatomy
  2. 228/98 Experience; Using Kaplan Qbank Page References
  3. Repeated Infections but good response to immunizations!
  4. Where is the catheter tip; Pressure reading!
  5. Woman with bronchitis and compensated acid base status
  6. 4-year-old girl has the sudden onset of abdominal pain
  7. Mechanism of Tetanus vaccine reaction!
  8. Why no TB granuloma in AIDS patients!
  9. Examples of Diffusion impairment
  10. Mechanism of Mosaic Turner Genotype
  11. Arterial damage in fracture surgical neck of humerus!
  12. Is 220/81 a good score?
  13. NBME Form 11 Discussion
  14. Fee for cancelling appointment more than one month before?
  15. Oti Nogonno Step 1 experience
  16. Suicidal patients are incompetent!
  17. Which NBME Form comes next after 7, 11, and 12
  18. How to score more?
  19. USMLE and MCAT
  20. Exam on January 31, 2012; Gather here
  21. Time needed to finish USMLE World
  22. The real exam software
  23. Atropine effects on Gastrin and Histamin!
  24. Is the real exam as twisted as NBME 12
  25. Arterioral dilation and Increased Capillary hydrostatic pressure!
  26. December 21st, 2011; Step 1 Exam Results Thread
  27. Surgical Treatment of Parkinsons
  28. Credit Card Charge Problem with USMLERx
  29. Got 75% in kaplan simulated exam, where do I stand?
  30. Cystic Fibrosis carrier state calculation
  31. How can I improve in 12 days
  32. Prometric date cancellation before 5 days
  33. The Mechanism of Adrenergic Alpha 2 Receptor Activation
  34. What can be the MUST SEE Najeeb Videos??
  35. No Histology in First Aid!
  36. Horrible feeling before the exam.
  37. I can only remember wrong answers!
  38. Sequence of events in Hypersentivity type 1 reaction
  39. IMG with NBME Form 12 score of 610 (247) ready or not?
  40. Glut Receptors; Zero & First Order Kinetics!
  41. Memorizing the First Aid Book!
  42. Goodbye to the 99?
  43. NBME Form 12 Scored 440
  44. How to pump up scores on uworld?
  45. Appointment cancelling and number of attempts
  46. really low NBME, stress, loss of confidence
  47. How important are histograms for immunology
  48. Can I copy paste USMLEWorld notes
  49. My exam day experience in Hong Kong!
  50. Correction of renal failure Hyperkalemia with Furosemide!
  51. Label this Brain MRI!
  52. Some people say Goljan Goljan Goljan
  53. My step one score less than predicted
  54. Is Goljan Enough!
  55. What happens if internet connection gets disconnected during nbme?
  56. Kaplan assessment exam and real score
  57. How come we use Mannitol in shock!
  58. USMLE practice materials 2011 answers
  59. USMLE World or Kaplan at this point
  60. Break time in actual exam
  61. High Yield Concepts and Questions in Kaplan Videos!
  62. December 14th, 2011; Step 1 Exam Results Thread
  63. Shigella versus EIEC
  64. Scored 268 in NBME Form 12
  65. Exam in a week (20th Dec)
  66. Diferential Diagnoses of Dementia
  67. nbme form3 Q
  68. About microbiology and other demons II
  69. Postponed the Exam but am not being productive
  70. HIV diagnosis
  71. TenderLovingDoc Passed Step 1 exam!
  72. Anaerobic or facultative anaerobic?
  73. 15 min Tutorial
  74. Using Kaplan MedEssentials and FA
  75. Depolarizing versus non-depolarizing Muscle Relaxants
  76. vMax influence on Km!
  77. Dreamless!!!!
  78. Step 1 Score (205/85)
  79. electives in us
  80. Drug dose calculation questions
  81. Calculating Drug Plasma Level!
  82. Kaplan videos without reading the lecture notes?
  83. Hemorrhage and Hypovelmia
  84. Cardiology/Endocrine/Neuro research in a top university in Chicago and Baltimore
  85. If you’re looking for research positions
  86. Important concept
  87. can anyone link here latest 'uworld q bank'??
  88. Biochemical Actions of Insulin in Sympathetic Stimulation!
  89. percentile in pediatrics questions
  90. more help required in behavioral sciences,regarding the chapter life in the United States
  91. can any1 explain in simple language rules of probablity and confidence interval
  92. latest statistics required
  93. The concept of Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  94. genetics
  95. About microbiology and other demons...
  96. i have one name....
  97. Advice about ways to do and review UWorld?
  98. electives in us
  99. Need desperate help plzz
  100. Why Hypokalemia with Diuretics?
  101. No Left heart manifestations on Carcinoid Syndrome
  102. pharmacokinetic calculations
  103. Drug half life
  104. HIV ethics case 2
  105. HIV Ethics Case
  106. Best Way to Utilize Last Week Before Exam!
  107. Wife Refuses Brain Biopsy on her Husband
  108. Three Genetics Questions
  109. Embryology, kaplan or FA
  110. Choosing a Microbiology book for USMLE
  111. fraud!
  112. Failure to pass meconium syndrome!
  113. Hot and cold Thyroid nodules and Iodine Uptake
  114. Last 3 topics... Pharmacology, physiology and pathology.
  115. Right/Left Disorientation in Brain CTs!
  116. I just can't tell Heart murmurs
  117. Dorsal Column Medial Lemniscal System Video!
  118. Conrad Fischer Ethics Book; Is it a must!
  119. Caffeine and enhanced athlete performance!
  120. Absolute Risk Reduction and Number Needed to Treat?
  121. Falcon more helpful in preparation then Kaplan? Or Kaplan?
  122. The most common cause of death in over 65
  123. Revise Uworld or Kaplan Qbank?
  124. Cardiac function curve and mean systemic pressure
  125. Department of Health and Immigration Status
  126. Consent to inform the ex-wife about children results
  127. Three months gap in prep; Can I restart!
  128. Uworld score fluctuation, Am i responding well ?
  129. Which ECFMG Forms have to be signed by med school official!
  130. Scoring very low in USMLE World
  131. D-Dimer And FDP
  132. Menetrier's disease and antacid??
  133. Most common cause of enteric fistula?
  134. Fluid disturbance in Cystic Fibrosis
  135. I am enjoying USMLE Reading!
  136. Calcium in the ascending loop
  137. No brainstem reflex; what to tell the family
  138. Hello from a USMLE Mom
  139. Costanzo physiology vs BRS physiology
  140. substrate level phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation
  141. Vitamin E and Warfarin Interaction!
  142. Acid base status in pulmonary embolism!
  143. Jehovahas Witness refuses a lifesaving blood
  144. A bat in the bedroom!
  145. TOEFL and USMLE
  146. NBME 6 Question
  147. Can candida be called a dimorphic fungi???
  148. Dinosaur108 is done with the exam!!!
  149. Kaplan simulated exam validity
  150. HIV Patient refuses to tell wife!
  151. GFR in nephrectomy
  152. Calculating the carrier frequency in a population!
  153. Side effects of not taking the exam!
  154. Third generation in the pedigree
  155. Primary Hypertension as Benign Hypertension
  156. Niacin and cutaneous flushing!
  157. Starting my Prep! Take Falcon Review now? Or in 4-5 months?
  158. Diagnosis of Brain Death
  159. Complement Deficiency and Penile Discharge
  160. Treatment of Sharp Electrifying Face Pain!
  161. Smoky Brown Urine!
  162. UWSA Score 380
  163. FA; quick review or principle textbook!
  164. My Step 1 Score 249/99
  165. First Aid Annotating Tips
  166. Qbank Answers Review; per block or per day!
  167. I am about to enroll in Falcon
  168. I found NBME 3 very difficult?
  169. Before I activate my UWSA
  170. Loss of touch sensation with intact muscle power!
  171. DLCO and pulmonary edema
  172. NBME 5 concept; Aerobic exercise Physiology
  173. Live versus Killed vaccine immune response
  174. Glomerulus Step 1 experience
  175. Plant exposure causing linear eruption and vesiculation
  176. Scored 219 in NBME Form 6
  177. Behavioral Question in NBME11!
  178. Penicillin and the bacterial proliferation phase!
  179. How do these antidotes work?
  180. NBME 7 or NBME 12
  181. Will I get my result this week?
  182. Moving to new subject forgetting the previous subject
  183. Kaplan physiology videos or Guyton?
  184. Proximal and facial muscle weakness
  185. Advice on Goljan RR and Histo pls
  186. 88 days to step 1(~3 months)....Starting NOW
  187. Antiretroviral Side Effects
  188. Weight loss, Anemia, Lung mass
  189. Blunting of diuretic response by Ibuprofen
  190. How go faster with USMLE World?
  191. Low Bicarbonate and High CO2; Acid Base Balance!
  192. Brain Virus with myoclonus
  193. NBME and Unreliable Internet !
  194. NBME 12 Concept; Obesity and pharmacokinetics
  195. List of CT, MRI , X-rays,
  196. Theophylline effect on bronchioles
  197. Very slow pace with the first day of prep
  198. motivation going down
  199. Incidence and prevalence Question
  200. Kaplan Qbank; waste of time?
  201. NBME Forms; Is it a must?
  202. How does CNIX nerve palsy cause syncope?
  203. The best way of using Flashcards in USMLE Prep
  204. Cystic Fibrosis Resistent to Typhoid!
  205. Woman with right lower quadrant pain
  206. Score 238. Second attempt
  207. Hepatic Blood Flow, and Zones- HIGH YEILD
  208. Do I need to confirm the date?
  209. Painful ulcerated skin and diarrhea!
  210. I need advice for the last 4 weeks before my exam!!
  211. Constructional apraxia
  212. How much does it matter where and when you write?
  213. Confusing Glomerulonephritis Types!
  214. SLE Pericarditis; Serous of Fibrinous?
  215. Fast fibers vs slow fibers; NBME concept
  216. Funduscopic finding in this infective case!
  217. Popliteal fossa lymphatic drainage!
  218. Increased blood velocity!
  219. 480 in NBME Form 7
  220. Why do pediatricians ask about temperature of water heater?
  221. Step 1 long story short!
  222. Level of ECG on step 1
  223. Sertoli cell and leydig cells are derivative of which structure?
  224. Free 150 questions and the real exam
  225. Pineal Germinoma and Precocious Puberty
  226. Chococat Step 1 Experience
  227. Probability Calculation; Mutual Exclusive and stuff
  228. Somatic versus Visceral Pain!
  229. FA Rapid Review Section
  230. Kaplan Qbank Score correlation
  231. Please help me...I think I failed...again
  232. Just arrive to US; want to start step 1 prep
  233. I quit
  234. NBME 5 doubt?
  235. QT interval; Ventricular Depolarization or Repolarization!
  236. Don't know what to do with my prep
  237. Enzyme promoting recurrent colorectal adenoma!
  238. Tutorial and Headphones
  239. Clinical Presentation of Hyperlipidemia
  240. Explanation for the high pulse pressure?
  241. i finally got the result ( 247/86)
  242. Can a male become the carrier of X-linked recessive disease . .
  243. 220+ with 3 months Prep
  244. Pulmonary Obstruction versus Embolism and Gas changes
  245. Not doing well with USMLE World
  246. cranial nerves IX and X are accidentally cut bilaterally
  247. The cause of PreSystolic Sound?
  248. 80 Year Old Hormone Level!
  249. Easily identify renal biopsy micrographs!
  250. Graphs and Charts in Step 1 Prep