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  1. research
  2. 246/99...thank you lord.....
  3. Wazir Kudrath videos
  4. UWorld
  5. DOC for GAD...
  6. A mutiple choice question: acute myelogenous leukaemia
  7. USMLE World 2007 different from 2011?
  8. Goljan Pathology; What do we have?
  9. Pressure volume curve in aortic stenosis
  10. Not well explained answers to the questions in USMLE Qbanks. Anyong may help?
  11. A 5-year old East African with productive cough and hepatomegaly
  12. Pneumonia Q3?
  13. Step 1 in a week
  14. Going for the exam despite the low NBME score
  15. Average USMLE World Score!
  16. Numbness and tingling in radial three digits
  17. Aortic arch afferent nerve!
  18. Exam in one week .. need suggestions please!
  19. Tetrallogy of Fallot picture mnemonic
  20. 80-year-old man with intermittent cough and blood-tinged sputum for 3 months
  21. Pneumonia Q2?
  22. Diagnose this chest x ray and the lavage sample
  23. About Q Fever
  24. Lung Pathology in ALL child Q?
  25. Why is PSA checked when investigate deep vein thrombosis ?
  26. What is the mechanism of diabetes induced hypoaldosteronism?
  27. my equation plz
  28. Practice Session
  29. Bone Tumor Xrays !
  30. How long did it take you to finish DIT?
  31. NBME Form 12 predicted 170!
  32. nbme 3 q . . .
  33. does step 1 month/location matter?
  34. The mean red cell volume (MCV) and thyroid status!
  35. The physiology behind tetanic contractions
  36. Minor consent (ethics cases)
  37. Does glaucoma cause central scotoma?
  38. What is the mechanism of Pneumonia and small cell lung cancer induced SIADH?
  39. Is there any correlation between aortic stenosis and BP?
  40. Mechansim of prolactin induced hypogonadism
  41. Hungarian Med Student Exam Experience 248/99
  42. UGH freaking out!
  43. how many times we have to go through FA and uworld
  44. Kaplan videos 2009 vs 2011
  45. schizophrenic patient consent
  46. predictability of score of nbme 11/12?
  47. Volume of distribution & metablosim
  48. What are Tardive Congenital Syphilis' symptoms?
  49. Expression of X linked recessive in females?
  50. nmbe 4 q
  51. No Signs of Life
  52. Reading BRS physio 3 times enough?
  53. In-Vivo and in-Vitro Studies on coagulation cascades.
  54. Percentage of Image Questions in the exam!
  55. why B cell type lymphoma is more common than T cell type lymphoma?
  56. What is the mechanism of MAO-I causing rhabdomyolysis?
  57. Step 1 Experience...May help some
  58. What is the mechanism of increasing digoxin toxicity in hypokalemia?
  59. Elevated coagulation factors in Nephrotic Syndrome!
  60. Why does Celiac disease cause splenic atrophy?
  61. Esophogeal cancer, why most commonly in the middle part?
  62. Pediatric resident at Dominican Republic moving to NY!
  63. Goljan recommended for Step 1 Prep!
  64. Pot bellied pale child with large tongue!
  65. First aid filled with Kaplan notes + UWorld question
  66. What does UWSA mean?
  67. Calculating the drug plasma level
  68. how and when should we schedule exam
  69. Small cell carcinoma and achalasia?
  70. Prolonged bed rest and pulmonary embolism!
  71. why pericardial rub is relieved by sitting forward?
  72. Why ACE level is high in active sarcoidosis?
  73. Hypercholesterolemia cholestatic diseases?
  74. NICU treatment affecting future outcome!
  75. Duodenal ulcers versus gastric ulcers; relation to food?
  76. Four Toxicology Questions
  77. Substance Abuse
  78. Nmbe 6 q
  79. Secondary Tuberculosis
  80. Most common X ray presentation of Tuberculosis?
  81. Allelic Heterogenity
  82. Why Small cell carcinoma is not treated surgically?
  83. Aortic stenosis versus coarctation of aorta
  84. God Thank you so much. Got my score. 243 (99)
  85. Jehovah's Witnesses Patients Need blood transfusion
  86. just got my score!!!
  87. 91/215
  88. Tinea versicolor bug
  89. Cystic renal dysplasia versus infant polycystic kidney disease?
  90. Let's talk about Heart Murmurs
  91. Last one and half months!
  92. NBME 11 or 12 after NBME 7!
  93. How to clinically differentiate thymic hyperplasia and thymoma
  94. What mechanism causes "Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria" mostly occurs at nights?
  95. what can cause elevated TSH but normal T3 and T4?
  96. Palash Score 228/98
  97. UW revision OR Kaplan qbank ??
  98. help me out !!!
  99. Resorption Atelectasis - Fever connection
  100. qbank suggestion after first read
  101. Can this be a fluke?
  102. bochem question..if anne could explain plz
  103. u world asses
  104. Recurrent sinusitis + viral respiratory infection in a boy
  105. Drug-induced lupus Q?
  106. Temporal arteritis Q?
  107. Rheumatology Q?
  108. Raynoud's Phenomenon Q?
  109. Died of respiratory disease (lung pathology micrograph)
  110. Afircan American Woman with 9 Months of Cough
  111. Score dropped from NBME 6 to NBME 7
  112. Started Kaplan home study program
  113. how to calculate years since graduation?
  114. Doctor Accepting Gift from Patient
  115. Succinylcholine desensitization !
  116. Mechanism of action!
  117. drnrpatet Done with the Test!!!!
  118. 90/213 can I get a good university IM residency?
  119. Calculating from Standard Deviation and Mean
  120. Just did the exam yesterday, my recommendations
  121. TSH Subunits and Receptor Activation!
  122. Directly affected by Citrate
  123. Previous releases of usmle free 150 questions?
  124. Exacerbation of Woman's Acne!
  125. Exercises For Abs HQ: The Truth About Six Pack Abs
  126. images
  127. Regarding scheduling exam through Prometric in january
  128. basilar skull fracture in the region of the foramen ovale
  129. The effect of removing one result on the Mean Mode and Median
  130. Circulatory Physiology in AV Fistula!
  131. Barr bodies in fetal tissue!
  132. stroke
  133. October 12th, 2011; Step 1 Exam Results Thread
  134. Every Question is Vague!
  135. Edema that splays apart adjacent cells
  136. urgent plz ............
  137. 24,25-OH Vitamin D
  138. USMLE World Qbank Length of Subscription
  139. got my score step 1 :(
  140. neuro plz advise me
  141. normal growth and Development &principle of care?
  142. asymptomatic proteinuria and haematuria
  143. em- humps
  144. ACE-I to prevent Diabetes?
  145. antagonizaation of vascular and cardiac actions of norepinephrine
  146. Change of eligibility period and rescheduling exam..Plz help me.
  147. The effect of the new changes in score reporting
  148. exam scheduling time
  149. What should I do?
  150. Most common esophageal cancer
  151. Kidney Failure and PTH
  152. Got my 205/85 score :(
  153. sawtooth waves are observed on EEG tracing
  154. Hİstology questİon
  155. HELP!! Not received score even on 5th wednesday
  156. Exam is Over..yeah
  157. How I created this song?
  158. Complementary DNA Strands!
  159. Pulmonary Pathology Q?
  160. Pathology: Upper respiratory Tract Tumors
  161. Pathology Q?
  162. study partner usmle 1
  163. Anyone taking exam a Livonia or Troy?
  164. Bİochem questİon
  165. heart with massive dilation of the aortic root and adjacent aortic arch.
  166. distinctive axial rigidity of neck,dysarthric speech
  167. Is vasculitis a feature of diabetes?
  168. headaches, generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and bilateral leg weakness.hyperostosis of the calvarium
  169. lesion at dorsal columns
  170. subependymal giant cell astrocytoma
  171. Pathology
  172. Anatomy
  173. Cranial Nerve Nucleus
  174. Pathology
  175. Pathology
  176. Pharma
  177. Pharma
  178. Hematology Q8?
  179. Hematology Q7?
  180. number of CAG repeats
  181. Renin status with an ARB
  182. physio graphs/curves/arrow questions and CT scans and heart sounds
  183. Katzung & Trevor's pharmacology examination and board review
  184. Pathology questİon
  185. Mİcrob
  186. Pathology questİon
  187. re apply for the exam
  188. what topics are important for...
  189. CME credits in CV
  190. Mİcrob
  191. Pathology questİon
  192. Mİcrob
  193. Mİcrob
  194. Tender lymph node in popliteal fossa
  195. Formulas
  196. Genetİcs
  197. Genetİcs
  198. When the Prometric Centers are CLosed?
  199. Anatomy
  200. Pharma
  201. Pls help guys.....
  202. Physİyology questİon
  203. Break time..Help
  204. 5 months: (10hr/day) ::::90+ possible???
  205. done with step 1
  206. Anatomy questİon
  207. Bİochem questİon
  208. uworld kaplan exchange!
  209. NBME score correlation??
  210. Pathology questİon
  211. pharma question
  212. Anatomy questİon
  213. Physİyology questİon
  214. Pathology questİon
  215. Hİstology questİon
  216. Case control study can't determine prevalence!
  217. What do before giving azathioprine
  218. If your test date is December 21st, join in the convo.
  219. Melanocyte Regression!
  220. Metabolic Acidosis + High Ammonia, Propionic Acid, and Mehtyl Citrate!
  221. Glucose Galactose Question!
  222. Delayed Development and Scarred Lipsa and Hands
  223. Why Polycystic Kidney Disease Differs in Inheritance!
  224. Nitroglycerine Mechanism of Action!
  225. Lipid Genetics Question!
  226. Color-Blindness Inheritance
  227. Coarse facies, stiff joints, and mental retardation
  228. Grandfather and Grandson affected but not the father!
  229. Aneuploidy Example
  230. How would you describe XYY
  231. Cleft palate, heart defect, and extra fifth finger!
  232. dermal infiltrates of atypical CD4+ T cells with cerebriform nuclei
  233. Abdominal mass with a Wright and H&E Stains
  234. Thyroid with CD20+ cells ?
  235. How should I continue at this point?
  236. Cervical Lymph Node Enlargement and CD30 Positive!
  237. Bone Marrow Histology Question!
  238. Peroxidase, alpha-naphthyl butyrate esterase and PAS Negative!
  239. Complication of Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia?
  240. Urinary Bence Jones proteins were positive
  241. Why should I do FA after Kaplan?
  242. Calm peace to study or fast peace? What should I do?
  243. 2 months to exam, don't know what to do?
  244. menopausal woman with PV bleed
  245. Karachi Prometric Center?
  246. Multiple Oral Ulcers and Nikolsky Positive!
  247. 72-Yr-Old Man with Leukocytosis and this blood film!
  248. Neck mass draining clear fluid after exercise
  249. What drug to give while awaiting angiography!
  250. Lung pathology of a smoker with breathing difficulties